Thursday, December 22, 2011

Year 2011

Our new screen door
Next year's wood
 Russell traveled around the US but didn't have to take a trip overseas this year.  He was scheduled to go to Eastern Europe but that trip was cancelled because of some difficulties in our churches there.  He's enjoyed some new power tools and tried his hand at some woodworking.  Our new screen door is one of the results.  In the summer he enjoyed snorkeling, presided over Big Lake Campmeeting, and we were able to enjoy some fishing and canoeing.  Recently he finished cutting and hauling all our wood for next winter.

Mud Room Floor
Living Room

Together we've continued renovations on our house.  We found out that our furnace was not going to last, so we made the switch from oil heat to electric in the spring.  With our wood stove this is a very economical and comfortable improvement.  We got our living room finished and painted the floor of the mud room.

I started working three days a week at Faith Family Health Care in March and having been pretty well trained in the billing and insurance end of the practice.  I enjoy my work there, but also have time to work on writing because of my schedule.  This year I worked with another author doing some editing work, and have also just finished my third book! I'm working with Sandy to publish my second one through, and am going to be looking for an agent for this third book. I had a great time cooking with my sister Lois and brother Tim at campmeeting.
Gracen, Naomi, Zoe 
We vacationed in Texas in November.  Our granddaughters continue to thrive and grow, and are the smartest and prettiest girls ever!  Ryan and Crystal and all suffered through a terribly hot and uncomfortable summer, but November was pretty nice!  Crystal finished her EMT course and is going on to finish Paramedic training.  Ryan is going to be starting school again also, working on his masters of divinity.  Gracen had her first piano recital while we were there.  Zoe has lost her barn doors, and Naomi had some minor surgery on her mouth but has recovered well.

Gracen's First Piano Recital
   Emily and Chris just celebrated their first wedding anniversary.  We love living so close to them!  Chris is a clever mechanic and helped us buy and fix up a Ford Explorer.  Emily started a new job in the summer at Calais Regional Hospital where she works in registration, on the switchboard and sometimes in the radiology department.  They love her sense of humor and her friendly manner.  Bear (our grandcat) is thriving.  He comes to visit us once in awhile!

Peter finished his first year at UMO with high marks.  He made it into the National Collegiate Honor Society and also received a nice scholarship from a business foundation in Texas.  He's doing well so far this fall.  He has transferred to the University of Michigan in hopes of ramping up his business academic record.  We miss him here!

Last canoe ride in October

The lake is frozen now and the campgrounds are quiet.  We feel privileged to be witness to this time of year that boasts its own unique enchantment and wonder.  We're thankful for the blessings of each day and pray you are seeing the hand of God in your own life.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful blog, especially since we got to see your home last year. It's easier to picture all of your new improvements. Where do you and your family get all of that energy? Jim and I could use some! Right now, we are hoping to be fortified enough to go on an Alaska cruise, leaving from Bradley Field on May 31. Have a blessed Christmas and a great 2012.
Miriam and Jim